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Youth Council (ENG)

The Youth Council of the French-Speaking Community is the official advisory body and voice of the French-speaking young people in Belgium. Its role is to have young people (16-30 years old) participating in the democratic process, especially by collecting their opinion about a variety of themes, that directly or indirectly affect them, to then relieve it to the politics. The Youth Council defends young people’s interests and represents them at national and international level.

The main tool the Youth Council has to make young people’s voice heard is the issuing of official notices. Then, we make sure the suggestions made by young people are followed by concrete measures helping improving their life. The Youth Council has certainly no decisional power but it has a real lobbying role to the decision makers in our country.

The Youth Council is the young itching powder to the parliament members and ministers. The Youth Council has already obtained various “political victories” to ensure young people’s emancipation in society: the withdrawal of security measures targeting young people (mosquito, curfew, bootcamp, etc.); the limitation of discriminatory measures against young people regarding employment and unemployment; the introduction of lessons about affective and sexual life in school programmes; the integration of programmes of education to the media on the waves of RTBF (Belgian television and radio); etc.

The Youth Council works thus on listening to young people’s concerns and on having young people participating in civic life but we also want to build a collective speech to be able to support the voice of young people.


The Youth Council of the French-Speaking Community has four main missions:

  • To issue notices on demand or out of own initiative to the politics
  • To promote civic participation of young people and their emancipation
  • To consult young people on themes affecting them to build a collective speech to relay to the politics
  • To represent young people and the youth sector at national and international level

To achieve these missions, the Youth Council of the French-Speaking Community develops commissions (permanent) and working groups (punctual) to carry out thematic projects. These “bodies” regularly feed the General Assembly to allow them to take position on different files. Moreover, the Youth Council frequently organises consultations and decentralised forums to collect the opinion of young people on a specific topic.

Finally, the Youth Council sends young delegates to various international summits to represent young French-speaking Belgians around the world.


The Youth Council is composed of a General Assembly, a Board of Directors and a team of permanent workers.

  • General Assembly

Since 4th July 2013, 68 young people (16-30 years old) are elected by all the young people in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (36) or choosen by youth organisations (32) every two years. The GA meets every six weeks to discuss, vote the notices and approve certain decisions and mandates.

  • Board of Directors

15 young people from the General Assembly are elected to compose the Board of Directors, managing the main orientations of the NPO. A president and two vice-presidents (internal affairs and international affairs) are elected among the members of the Board of Directors.

  •  Team of permanent workers

The NPO is managed daily by a team of 8 permanent workers. They implement the decisions taken by the General Assembly and the Board, offer a training course to young people about the participation processes and accompany them in the management of projects, the NPO and their approach to political lobbying.


To fullfill its missions at the European and international level, the Youth Council of the French-Speaking Community participates in two main processes: The UN Youth Delegate Programme and the European Structured dialogue(ESD). For more information on the ESD, please click here. The UN Youth Delegates Programme:

What is a youth delegate?

Each year, the Flemish Youth Council and the Youth Council of the French-Speaking community select several youth delegates to represent the points of view of Belgian youth at United Nations (UN) conferences and meetings. These youth delegates make sure that young people’s voices are heard in international decision-making processes while contributing to the implementation of international commitments at national level. This is of utmost importance, as youth should be involved at all levels of decision-making that affect their lives and of fellow young people around the world. Both youth councils appoint three youth delegates: a Youth Delegate for Climate, a UN Youth delegate that goes to the General Assembly and the Commission for Social Development and a Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development. Thus, in total six youth delegates who strive for the global well-being of young people!

What does a youth delegate do?

During a two year period, youth delegates follow policy developments in their thematic field, both at national and international level. They ask young people in their communities about their views, as inspiration for the key messages they will address internationally. To this end, youth delegates organize and participate in events, use online communication tools and give presentations. Youth delegates also influence national decision-making through lobbying, among others by elaborating policy proposals, contacting decision-makers and writing press articles. A true ‘key moment’ is when they actually go to the UN where they: participate in negotiations as part of the Belgian delegation, give speeches in the name of youth and organize side-events to raise awareness among the international community about youth issues. Moreover, they work together with youth delegates from around the world to make young people’s voices heard more effectively at international level.

More information : belgianunyouthdelegates.com or Facebook

La déléguée ONU pour le développement durable du Conseil de la Jeunesse rappelle l’importance de la Jeunesse dans l’Agenda 2030

Notre déléguée ONU pour le développement durable, Diane Delava a prononcé un discours ce vendredi 13 juillet lors du HLPF (High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development), afin de mettre en avant l’importance d’ une meilleure inclusion des jeunes en matière de développement durable.

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Les délégués ONU du Conseil de la Jeunesse lancent leurs consultations!


Chaque année, nos délégués ONU en charge des matières de la Jeunesse, du Développement Durable et du Climat lancent des consultations.

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Résultats des élections du Conseil de la Jeunesse

Après :

3 mois de campagne,

1929 km parcourus,

30 bureaux de votes officiels sur toute la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,

1943 votants et 5067 votes exprimés.

Voici la liste des 36 candidats élus (18 hommes et 18 femmes) qui intégreront la nouvelle Assemblée générale 2018-2019!

Bienvenue à eux et bon travail !

#paritéparfaite #electionsduconseil #Etsicetaittoi

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Deviens un.e Ambassadeur des Jeunes Belges francophones!

Le Conseil de la Jeunesse est à la recherche de jeunes citoyens motivés pour constituer une nouvelle équipe de « Jeunes Ambassadeurs » du Dialogue Structuré européen en 2017 !

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Bienvenue dans ma tribu – La nouvelle plateforme citoyenne interactive.

« Bienvenue dans ma tribu » est une plate-forme web interactive permettant aux jeunes, de 12 à 25 ans, de débattre, de réfléchir et de construire pleinement leur citoyenneté.

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